Next Mastermind Groups for
Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs

8 mastermind group sessions > by phone/skype
1 session per week > it’s a 8 weeks program
plus >> one 1:1 focus coaching session
plus >> 24/7 Online group platform / small groups
Tuesdays + Thursdays 7pm GMT+1 (Berlin/Ger. time)


Coming to this site you most likely know what a mastermind group is, you might even know the ‘official definition’ by Napoleon Hill. Our understanding in short: In a mastermind group members get ideas, new impulses, feedback and personal support through the members of the group and if the group is facilitated like ours – also by the mastermind group facilitator, who is at a certified coach and business consultant for 20 years. A detailed mastermind group definition you find just following the blue link.

You are absolutely right on this site if you …

  • want to work on your business improving it (this can be your website, any particular project and/or aspect within your business);
  • want support, new ideas and/or feedback on the things you are working on;
  • are (going to be) working actively on particular issue(s)/topic(s) of your business while the time of the mastermind group sessions;

What can you actually expect?

    • Welcome package with a focus questionaire, which helps you to navigate your very personal current situation in regard to your business. Usually this in only being given to premium coaching customers. Even if you decide after the focus session call that you don’t want to join the group, you will benefit from that. It’s actually a  free self guided coaching session.
    • One initial focus session by phone with your facilitator and coach, in which you/we become even more clear about your actual current wants and needs, wheather those can be covered in a mastermind group and whether you are a good fit for a mastermind group on this platform;
    • 8 mastermind group sessions in following format: part 1 > 30-40 minutes “hotseat” (=extensive help) for one particular group member, in each session this will be another group member; part 2 > 20-40 minutes help/support for the other group members who have current wants, needs and who need input to get forward with their projects;
      in addition for the 1st session: “group hello” and introduction;
    • 24/7 Mastermind Group Platform, on which all content of the sessions is being provided and can be discussed further till next group session. This platform is private, safe and not connected to or based on facebook, google … You will have access to the group platform till 8 weeks after the last group session.
    • There is no direct competition in your mastermind group. This way you can discuss openly and without a thought of someone stealing your ideas and best practices.
    • Group meeting minutes are being provided on the group platform, you don’t need to write any of those.
    • The mastermind group is being fully facilitated by Kathrin Held, who is a certified coach and business consultant for more than 20 years now. The group is overall cared for, in case of any issue Kathrin will be approachable in advance to and between sessions.
    • money-back-guarantee-300x30060 day full money back guarantee in case you say that the mastermind group series you attended was totally useless for you – if you attended all sessions actively…………………….Get Started >>

Your Group Facilitator


What group members said …

While participating in Kathrin’s free discussion group … I had the idea for two separate service businesses that would provide me with additional income. … I have pursued both ideas and have already booked my first paying client … .
The best part is – I’m having fun! Thank you, Kathrin!
                                                                                       Christine Anson-Morgan / Germany

Thank you again for a great Mast Mind call today. It was more like a Wake Up Call. To wake up and get moving on with my life and not to have any regrets later on in my life when I get older.You are a great leader Kathrin, keep up the great work.

     Gino / Canada

I have gained more insight in the true meaning of decision making and also realized the importance of persistance. … My goal is now clearer. My actions are more definite and I have also gained absolute confidence that I will be reaching my goal! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Erika Mikaelsson / Sweden

More Testimonials

“I want to thank you again for the competence and commitment with which you drove our project to success. I am very satisfied with the result.”

Pharmaceutical Doctor at Solvay Neustadt Plant***

We thank Mrs. Held again for her committed support.

Customer Service Manager Central Europe Area
British American Tobacco***

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration and results and recommend Mrs. Held without reservations.”

Unit Manager
Enercity Hannover***

“You fulfilled my expectations fully.”

Leader Purchase
Polizei Wiesbaden/PTLV

 *** Those testimonials are from quite high positioned people in the corporate world. Due to the fact that information about names and positions had been mis-used by recruiting and consulting companies in the past, names stay hidden here. Those testimonial contacts ca be checked on my profile.

60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

I like my businesses to provide value and only want to get paid if the customer sees that value. Besides this I am convinced that each active qualified mastermind group member will benefit from his/her pariticipation.

In case you found your participation in this mastermind group not of any use for yourself and/or your business and you have attended all mastermind group calls actively – taking the chance to get help and also provided your opinions on topics discussed – you will get your money back.

To get your money back you’ll need to state clearly in written that the whole mastermind group series with all it’s sessions was not of any use for you – not in regard to the content, your wants and needs and the contacts you’ve made. After this writing was received by my office your fee will be refunded.

Kathrin Held


Get Started Now

Everything up to – and including the 1:1 call with your Mastermind Group facilitator is FREE.
The price for the program is 480€ **per person per group and is due before start of the 1st mastermind group session. Paypal link will be sent after you qualified in the 1:1 call and stated that you want to attend.

** If you are outside Germany and self employed or have your own company and have a VAT number no taxes are being added. If you sign up as a private individual or a company inside Germany or with no VAT number 19% VAT tax will be added (end price is 571,20 € then).

*** Those testimonials are from people in the corporate world. Due to the fact that information about names and positions had been mis-used by recruiting and consulting companies in the past, names stay hidden here.

Earning disclaimer and Risks
The attendance on one of our programs does not guarantee any results. Changes and results are very dependent on the person attending, results can vary heavily. Any program attendance as well as the visit of this website is at your own risk, anything you do here is your own responsibility.