Our Mastermind Group Definition

In our understanding a mastermind group is …

… a group of people …

  • who have something in common and come together with an intention and mood of good will and co-operative attitude,
  • they are willing and able to support each other,
  • they meet somehow regularly – for a defined period of time or on an ongoing basis.

What could members of such a group have in common? They can have similiar goals, work on similiar (kind of) projects, have the same status like being self employed or becoming small business owners or belong to the same or similiar profession or the same field in business.

Supporting each other in a mastermind group can mean:

  • brainstorm together for a member’s challenge, problem or situation,
  • give feedback to materials, web sites, questions or situations as being told by a member,
  • ask good and/or even challengeing questions
  • share resources and knowledge,
  • encourage to take action on good ideas on upcoming or ongoing projects,
  • point out potential blind spots
  • share positive and uplifting information, stories and resources
  • share what you’ve learned and what works best for you and what could be of benefit for others Give and you will be given :-)

When two or more people put their heads together there is more energy, intelligence and creativity than just the number of brains connected. Kind of higher intelligence or group intelligence and force of creation is being established – the mastermind, which is more than the sum of it’s parts.


Our Business Mastermind Groups

… are being created to support (becoming) small business owners to bring their existing businesses forward in any way – including contents of their business marketing products and services anything to let businesses prosper.

Our mastermind groups are facilitated, which covers some of critical points why a number of mastermind groups fail.

Mastermind group Guidelines and Rules assure an overall non-competitive and co-operative approach.
This includes that in our mastermind groups from each profession we only accept one individual. Why that? This is worth another article :-)

Our mastermind groups have a defined time frame and defines dates, they don’t “run for ever” – like some concepts on the personal development market. Most of our Mastermind Group Meetings are being hold by phone/Skype or another form of internet voice sessions (e.g. GoToWebinar) – due to the international character of our Mastermind Groups, some of those also include real life meetings and sessions – to be seen/defined per separate Mastermind Group announcement.

What’s in it for you?

  • New inspirations which you quite likely wouldn’t have had without the group
  • direct feedback, input and other members pointsof view on your ongoing projects, service development, daily business and situations – as you request – on a regular basis,
  • more options for progress in your business and for yourself as a permanently developing individual.
  • new likeminded contacts – how deep and intense they get is up to you,
  • new energy for your business, projects and ongoing efforts.

We offer

  • Momentum groups – time limited for 6-8 weeks by phone/skype
  • ¨Pro¨ Groups as combination of real life meetings and phone sessions – as per announcement

Questions? Let us know!

Next mastermind groups starting …

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