Good Solutions Are Always Simple!


Being a member of a mastermind group …

… which is being run and taken care of by a facilitator professionally and in person, who is approachable between sessions, is definitely a valid option and a simple solution to bring your projects and business(es) forward and to feel understood and supported by likeminded people.

I have seen a number of mastermind groups of different personal development programs as well as in the internet marketing community and attended some of those. May be you even just come out of one of those groups or did attend one in the past and felt not 100% happy with them.

Altough those groups mostly start in a high energy clear rules are not there, which gives negative and non-supportive members too much room to act out their behavior, which they mostly start doing after the 1st few sessions after the initial energy peak is gone. Another issue within members is competition and the fear that ideas are being stolen or used by the other members.

The atmosphere drops …

… just after a couple of sessions and you have the impression that it all doesn’t make sense that way and may be you even feel hurt in case you have opened up up and revealed some of your deeper insights, ideas and best practices. Over time people show up less and less if no one really takes kind of facilitation role caring for member’s problems and issues. May be you experienced some or even all of that.

Sometimes these kind of mastermind groups become like kindergarten and one day you stop showing up at the playground, you stop three feet from gold which is buried in the kindergarten playground sandbox while you could actually have fun and inspiration playing there.

A well functioning mastermind group needs …

broodinghenn … someone who

  • brings a good group together;
  • organizes the group, sets a certain frame, keeps it all together;
  • cares about upcoming issues.

You can see your mastermind group facilitator like  a brooding henn, who keeps the eggs warm, cares that none of them gets really cold and is taken care of, cares for issues around the nest and between chickens as necessary. It’s different!  A mastermind group can be supportive, inspiring, co-operative, but also personally nurturing – if run well.

  • Our mastermind groups are continually and professional facilitated.
  • We facilitate small groups and treat (potential) members very personal.
  • Clear rules and guidelines assure a certain group session quality and behavior of members and create a protected environment for your ideas and challenges.
  • The facilitator is approachable – also between sessions. You can contact him/her for any issues you have in regard to your mastermind group membership and sessions.
  • Our facilitators are certified coaches and/or have their own businesses. They know common small business owners’ problems as well as common issues within mastermind groups and also how to handle them.
  • We provide an online platform for information exchange, sharing and discussion – 24/7 if you like with up to 3 months access after your mastermind group arrangement has finished.
  • No direct competition within your mastermind groups, meaning there won’t be someone with the same profession in your mastermind group as a group member – like three coaches (not even two). This way you can openly discuss your topics, ideas and challenges and you can be sure that no direct competitor uses the information.
  • No selling and pitching to and in the group.

woman on phoneIn a first 1:1 session on the phone you’ll get to know your mastermind facilitator and basics around our mastermind group work – with no obligation to join a group on your side, you decide after the call whether you want to join a group or not and we also have to make a decision whether you are a good fit for one of our current groups.

I’ve run a number of mastermind groups – in corporate environments, as well as with self employed and internet marketers – and still like it. I love to bring people together who really want to go forward – even more when they are in process of (re-) creating their dream life or dream business or working like free birds on best places on this planet.

You can actually join a mastermind group here at no risk for you, I’ll take all the risk for you. This means that in case you found your mastermind group experience not useful for you at all (and attended all sessions) then you can get your money back.

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We take away most common hurdles and sources of problems being on a mastermind group.

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